How to cut out dairy without sacrificing your favourite foods

Dairy Free cheese

Cutting out dairy with substitutes

The thought of cutting out dairy and giving up cheese can be too big a sacrifice for many people trying to adopt a dairy-free lifestyle.

But with the dairy-free market growing at a rapid rate – especially in Australia which has become the third largest plant-based nation in the world – food innovation is growing with it, and home-grown Australian brands are leading the dairy-free charge.

From your favourite cheese, ice-cream, milk to yoghurt, Dairy-Free Down Under Co-founder, and member of our family, Kevin Flanagan, said you truly can overhaul your kitchen cupboard with similar, tasty options and reap the benefits of living dairy-free.

“Having a daughter intolerant to dairy, food inclusion was a major reason why we started our dairy-free cheese business and we’re proud to be part of the dairy-free movement where Australia is leading the way in terms of quality and taste,” Kevin said.

“Society is becoming more educated on what we’re eating, how our bodies react, environmental factors and using diet as a way to become healthier and live a more meaningful life.

Woman happy after cutting out dairy

“Living dairy-free has proven benefits including better digestion, clearer skin and weight loss, and we’re seeing consumers find real benefits through some very easy kitchen swaps,” Kevin said.

Ready to take the dairy-free plunge? Dairy-Free Down Under has sourced their favourite dairy-free dupes to make those food sacrifices a little less daunting.

And the best thing? They can all be found in most your local health food stores or independent supermarkets.

How to find your dairy-free stockists

To find a store near you, simply follow to find our stockists. And, after that, you can get some inspiration from our collection of dairy-free recipes

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