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Delicious Dairy-Free Cheeses & Plant-Based Products

We offer Australia’s best dairy-free and vegan cheeses, sauces, and other products. Check our range of plant-based goodies, made right here in Australia.

Research shows that 75% of western and 90% of Asian cultures feel the impacts of dairy intolerance, removing many much loved cheese and dairy products from their lives. Dairy Free Down Under are passionate about creating premium plant-based alternatives.

Recognised as a global leader we hope to bring the joy of food back to those living a Dairy-Free, Plant-Based, Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle.

Wide Range of Dairy-Free & Vegan-Friendly Offerings

Proudly Australian owned and operated we bring 30 years of manufacturing experience to create premium plant-based alternatives. 

Our flavours and textures are recognised by some of the worlds largest companies and distributors as delicious plant-based products for their customers around the world. 

Our dairy-free alternatives are designed to bring inclusivity back to the kitchen and onto your plates.


that's a whopping 3 in 4 adults!

Our Delicious Range

Love Ya Guts

Our range of premium plant-based alternatives to dairy have been carefully crafted to bring joy back to your tastebuds.

No one should have to miss out, so we have created a range that can bring the family back to one table with joy, laughter and lots and lots of plant-based alternatives that even the kids won’t realise its plant-based.


Delicious Tasty Dairy-Free Recipes

There are just some things in life that we shouldn’t have to give-up. Here are some Recipes to get you back to the food you love.


The new range of dairy-free cheeses is incredible AUSTRALIAN made & tastes just like cheese

David Armstrong

The most incredible vegan cheese I’ve ever had. I made a toastie with their cheddar - amazing. 20/10 recommend !


Hands down, the best vegan cheese I’ve bought from a store. Like a lot of vegans, I missed cheese, and while there are some good alternatives out there, none have hit the mark for me like this one.

I stumbled across it in a little grocer store in Sydney, and cautiously tasted it and was so happily surprised that it tastes a lot like dairy cheese, and melted it is DIVINE. I made a grilled cheese this afternoon and can’t wait to put it on pizza for dinner.

Planet-friendly carb loading never tasted so good -drool

Larissa Diana Spring

Your product is far superior to anything else I have tried for several reasons.

Thank You…leading us forward

Richard P

I love Dairy-Free Down Under products. My fav is their cheese on Pizza Hut Pizzas. It is amazing and melts well. I also enjoy the sour cream at home.

I would say if you’re searching for a tasty, cruelty free cheese or dairy-free option, then give them a go. So tasty!

Larissa Diana Spring

We have just returned from a trip to Cairns and tasted your Mozzarella on the pizzas at Rattle n Hum at Palm Cove and it tasted so much like mozzarella that I thought they had served us the wrong pizza.

The chef told us that he uses Dairy-Free Down Under vegan cheese and handed us a card with your company name.

All I can say is Amazing!! Thankyou for making vegan cheese that actually tastes great. I’m off to my local IGA to buy some for home. Lasagna and cheese toasties, here I come!! My household is so excited


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