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Dairy-Free Down Under was born from owners Kevin and Jenny Flanagan’s desire for their family of five to all sit around the table and enjoy the same meal, despite one of their daughters’ intolerance to dairy. 

Since launching the brand in March 2018 after three years of research and development, Gold Coast-headquartered Dairy-Free Down Under has grown tenfold, reflecting the demand for dairy-free and vegan products in Australia.

“We wanted to create quality, tasty, dairy-free alternatives that truly catered for all meals,” Kevin said. 

“We went to work to develop a range of vegan cheeses, sauces and dips that could become easy substitutes for dairy-free eaters, vegans and flexitarians, but could slip through unnoticed for those without dietary restrictions.

“Our family wanted a melting style cheese for pizza nights, parmesan for spaghetti nights and cheese style slices for lunches, so we started with this in mind.”

Dairy-Free Down Under’s growing product range includes mozzarella and cheddar-style shreds, cheddar-style blocks, mozzarella slices, cheddar slices, cashew cream cheese, cashew parmesan, aioli and mayo.

“We give everyone a seat at the table – it doesn’t matter if you’re dairy-free, vegan, flexitarian or lessatarian,” Kevin said.

Dairy-Free Down Under’s products offer almond, cashew and soy options to cater for various allergies – all products are also GMO-free.

Dairy is linked to skin and digestive issues as well as many other health concerns, so it’s no surprise that health-conscious consumers tend to avoid it.

“With dietary restrictions now becoming the norm, inclusivity and respecting that everyone is unique is more important than ever for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry,” Jenny said.

“It’s not practical to do what I did for many years and make multiple dishes to cater for intolerances – Dairy-Free Down Under products are all about inclusivity and saving time.

“Within the past year, Australian consumers purchased more than $200 million in vegan milk-products, making Australia the third fastest growing plant-based nation in the world.”

As well as Dairy-Free Down Under, Kevin and Jenny also own Family Fresh – a business that has been supplying cut fruit into supermarkets for more than 30 years.

Dairy-Free Down Under products will be coming soon to Costco.

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