Product of the month – Sour Cream Style Receives Rave Reviews

Sour cream style


Our smooth and creamy sour cream is the newest addition to our Dairy-Free Down Under family. Currently in all Zambrero stores throughout Australia, we did our best to invent the most convincing alternative to the real thing, so as a family, we couldn’t be more proud!

This is, with out a doubt, one of the best Sour Cream alternatives out there at the moment and we have been blown away with its popularity. Ever since its launch, orders have been coming in hot and the sour cream is quickly becoming one of our best sellers.


Bec – “It’s so good!”

Tracey – “Love it. Have it almost every day.”

Courtney – “Seriously the best sour cream I’ve ever had”

Michelle – “Had vegan nachos today – the dish was yummy as, and the sour cream was awesome!”

Shelley – “It’s good! 👌”

Matt – “This is better than the real thing! I cant get enough”

Toni – “And it’s soooooooooooo good!”

James – “It really is pretty good!!!”

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