Is Going Dairy Free Better For Your Skin?

Skin Vs Dairy

Cut the dairy & cut the troubles!
“Since milk can increase the blood sugar level, it’s thought that this mechanism stimulates hormones, which leads to the increase of male hormone production, which directly causes more oil,” explains New York-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Arielle R. Nagler.

Cutting out dairy isn’t cheap
Switching to almond milk with my coffee and buying coconut-milk yogurt instead of regular Greek yogurt really added up. Not only at Whole Foods but when I was out, too. I quickly learned that even though so many people have different diet restrictions in 2018, most cafes still charge almost a dollar extra for non-dairy milk. It doesn’t sound a lot but considering how often I need an afternoon caffeine fix during the workweek, I was definitely spending more money on food every month than I used to.

You WILL NOT see changes overnight
Much like any topical or oral acne treatment, it’ll take time before cutting out dairy makes any difference when it comes to your skin. It can be six to eight weeks before you see any changes.

Cutting out dairy isn’t easy!
Whenever you make a dietary change, it’s important to pay attention to your body’s response. Ideally you should feel better–more energetic, free from problematic symptoms, and in balance. If you do not feel better, or you feel worse, something is off.
People remove dairy, not make up for the missing protein, and begin to feel hungrier and more run down. On the flip side, I’ve seen people replace dairy with more dark leafy greens, beans, nuts, and fish, and feel amazing, while also eliminating symptoms like skin irritation and digestive discomfort. If something is off, your body will likely cue you, so tune in and take note!

If the idea of cutting out all dairy products right away seems daunting, you can ease into it. Think for a moment about all the dairy products you currently consume. Chances are that you truly enjoy one or two of these foods, but that you aren’t crazy about the others. If, for example, you regularly consume whole milk, yogurt, ice cream, American cheese slices, butter, and cheese pizza, it might be that yogurt and pizza are the only foods from this list that you’re especially fond of. So get rid of the others, and you’re immediately more than halfway to being dairy-free!

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