Guide to The Perfect Cheesy Dairy-Free Pizza

Perfect cheesy dairy pizza

Who doesn’t love a good cheesy pizza? With it’s ooey-gooey goodness, cheese has been a staple topping that adds the perfect finishing touch to any pizza. But what happens if you’re following a dairy-free lifestyle?

Whether you’ve given up dairy all together, looking to try something different, or have dairy restrictions, cooking dairy-free can be a challenge.  This is especially when it comes to finding the right ratio of delicious and meltable dairy-free cheese.

Worry not! You can still enjoy the best of what pizza has to offer without compromising on your dietary choices. We’ll walk you through some top tips on how to create the perfect cheesy dairy-free pizza that will leave your taste buds satisfied and your cravings fulfilled.

guide to dairy free cheese pizza

Top Tips for Perfectly Melting Dairy-Free Cheese

Say goodbye to firm shreds and hello to the satisfaction of a perfectly melted pizza that rivals the classics. With a bit of know-how and experimentation, your dairy-free pizza will become a culinary masterpiece!

1. Avoid Fan Baking:

One of the most common problems when it comes to making dairy-free pizzas is the use of a convection or fan oven. This only results in firm shreds that deny the gooey centre we crave. If this happens, don’t worry – your pizza still offers the same texture and taste. But let’s aim for perfection!

2. Switch to Grill for Melting Magic:

Switch the oven dial to grill and position your pizza directly under the element at high heat. Allow approximately 5-10 minutes of cooking. This will perfectly melt your dairy-free cheese turning your pizza into a masterpiece of bubbling, golden perfection.

3. Moderation is Key:

Because many dairy-free cheeses don’t melt quite the same as traditional cheeses, it is easy to overload the pizza in an effort to replicate the same look. However, resist the temptation to overload your pizza with dairy-free cheese. When melted perfectly, some varieties can become a bit too wet when melted.

4. Blend Shreds with Liquid Cheese:

To get the most out of your dairy-free cheesy pizza, consider combining shreds with dairy-free liquid cheese. This dynamic duo can help achieve that perfect melt, offering the ideal consistency for your pizza.

6. Experiment and Enjoy:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different melting techniques and cheese combinations! Your pizza journey is a delicious adventure – so, enjoy every melted bite!

vegan cheese pizza

Don’t Feel Like Cooking?

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