Is lactose-free the same as dairy-free?

lactose free vs dairy free

Whether you’re plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, flexitarian, lactose-intolerant, or just a generally curious person, you’ve probably asked yourself: is lactose-free the same as dairy-free?

Well, believe us when we say we get asked this all the time. Being frontrunners in the dairy-free cheese scene in Australia means people are reaching out to us to gain clarity on this topic almost every day! And if you want a six-word summary, it’s this: no, they’re not the same – mostly. While dairy-free products are always lactose-free, products labelled lactose-free are often not dairy-free. 

But just what are the differences? How is each made? We will answer these questions and more.

At Dairy Free Down Under, our quest is to deliver leading taste and texture without compromising the nutritional value of the product. New products are consistently being added to our ever-growing range, and there is no sign of slowing down with innovation at the top of our minds. 

Dairy Free Down Under continues to create nutritious food for the whole family, no matter your dietary requirements.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in – and perhaps the best place to start is by examining how lactose-free and dairy-free cheeses are made. 

How is dairy-free/plant-based/vegan cheese made?

Vegan cheese is made in various ways and usually starts from a base of various nuts, including cashews, almonds, and even macadamias. Some are made from a mix of one or several of these nuts. 

For example, our dairy-free and vegan cheddar-style block is made from almond milk and other delicious ingredients to make a tasty alternative to traditional dairy-based cheeses. And best of all – it’s naturally lactose-free!

Dairy-free/plant-based cheeses have come a long way in recent years, and the demand is growing daily. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of dairy-free cheeses, including things like cashew cream cheese and cashew parmesan, as well as mozzarella-style shreds that melt just like the real thing. 

It’s also been established that plant-based cheeses are better for the environment – there’s a lot to like! In fact, we’ve already covered 8 amazing benefits of a plant-based diet, be sure to check that out if you’d like some more information on the topic. 

So if you’ve recently discovered you’re lactose intolerant or you’re plant-based/dairy-free curious, be sure to check out our stockist list to find some of our delicious products near you. All hope isn’t lost – bring back the joy of the cheeseboard!

Now that we’ve seen how dairy-free cheese is made and that it’s naturally lactose-free, how is lactose-free cheese made? Just what is it?

How is lactose-free cheese made?

Many people suffer from lactose intolerance, and more and more are searching for alternatives each day. Lactose-free cheese is simply cheese made from regular milk that has had the lactose removed. 

Lactose intolerance can cause a range of unpleasant side effects. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of western and 90% of Asian cultures feel the impacts of lactose intolerance, removing many much-loved products from their lives. This is why we are passionate about creating premium plant-based alternatives; we believe no one should have to miss out on the things they love.

How to go dairy-free if you love cheese

Going dairy-free has never been easier – even if you love cheese. 

At Dairy-Free Down Under, we’ve made it our mission to help those that have decided to pursue a dairy-free diet by providing them with everything they need to make a smooth transition (and a happy ever after!). We do this because we believe in making a difference and inspiring families to eat dairy-free. This includes:

And yes, you can still enjoy pizzas, cakes, toasties, quesadillas, and more on a dairy-free diet. So don’t be left out at the next barbecue or pizza party, be sure to stock up on all the tasty dairy-free products you can get your hands on. We believe even the most devoted of cheese eaters will enjoy what we have to offer. 

So if you’re interested in giving dairy-free a go, we promise you won’t regret it. We’ve spent many years honing our recipes, and we believe we’ve made dairy-free cheeses so good that you won’t miss the real thing! 

Dairy-free vs lactose-free: what’s the difference?

Now that we’ve done our deep dive, let’s recap and summarise the main differences between dairy-free and lactose-free:

  1. Dairy-free is always lactose-free; lactose-free isn’t always dairy-free
  2. Dairy-free cheeses and products are usually plant-based and vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  3. Dairy-free cheese is naturally lactose-free. Lactose-free milk and cheese start life as regular milk, and the lactose is removed after
  4. Dairy-free cheeses are made from nuts and other nutritious plant-based ingredients
  5. Dairy-free cheese is better for the environment
  6. There’s a huge variety of dairy-free, plant-based and vegan products available nowadays – you’re really spoilt for choice
  7. Yes, you can be dairy-free even if you love cheese!

So there you have it, the differences between dairy-free and lactose-free. 

At Dairy-Free Down Under, we offer Australia’s best dairy-free and vegan cheeses, sauces, and other products. Check out our range of plant-based goodies, made right here in Australia.

Recognised as a global leader in the plant-based food scene, we hope to bring the joy of food back to those living a dairy-free, plant-based, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. We’re always innovating and adding new products to our range whilst researching ways to make tastier alternatives for everyone. 

Feeling peckish? Find a stockist near you. 

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