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Parmesan Style Shreds

Dairy Free, Vegan Parmesan Cheese Shreds


We all know that pasta is nothing without delicious parmesan to accompany it, right? Don’t worry, we hear you. Introducing our NEW Parmesan Style Shreds! Our vegan parmesan shreds are perfect for all your ch-easy creations. Already pre-shredded to provide convenience and easy to use, these vegan parmesan shreds are a delicious and dairy-free alternative to traditional parmesan cheese. Whether you’re using them to top your favourite pasta dish, homemade pizza, or spaghetti squash, our vegan parmesan shreds are sure to add a touch of flavour and cheesiness to your meal.
  • Plant-Based Parmesan Cheese
  • Dairy-Free Parmesan Cheese
  • Vegan Parmesan Cheese
  • Gluten Free Parmesan Cheese
If you are looking for a dairy-free parmesan shred to pop with your ch-easy creations, this product is perfect!
Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Natural Vegan Flavours, Yeast Extract, Sea Salt, Modified Starch (E1422, E1450), Natural Beta Carotene, Preservative (E202).
Jenny Flanagan

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Why Choose Our Vegan Parmesan?

  • Dairy-free: Our dairy-free parmesan cheese is perfect for people who are dairy-free.
  • Vegan: Our dairy-free parmesan cheese is also vegan, making it a great choice for people who are following a vegan diet.
  • Plant-based: Our dairy-free parmesan cheese is made with plant-based ingredients, which makes it a healthier and more sustainable choice than traditional parmesan cheese.
  • Delicious and flavourful: Our dairy-free parmesan cheese is just as delicious and flavourful as traditional parmesan cheese.
  • Versatile: Our dairy-free parmesan cheese can be used in a variety of recipes, such as pasta dishes, homemade pizzas, and salads.


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