Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse

strawberry cream cheese mousse

If you’re looking for a sweet and creamy dessert that’s perfect for any occasion, our strawberry cream cheese mousse is the perfect option. 

Get ready to indulge in a dessert that’s sweet, creamy, and bursting with fresh, juicy strawberries! Our Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse is the ultimate treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for something rich and delicious.

Imagine a light and airy mousse that’s perfectly infused with the sweet and tangy flavours of fresh strawberries. Every spoonful is like a little taste of heaven, with a silky-smooth texture that melts in your mouth and leaves you craving more.


And the best part? Our Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse is incredibly easy to make, so you can whip up a batch in no time and impress your friends and family with your culinary skills. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just looking for a special treat to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this dessert is the perfect choice.

With its vibrant pink colour and luxurious texture, our Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. It’s a dessert that’s sure to impress, and you’ll love how easy it is to customize with your own favourite toppings and garnishes.

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So why wait? You won’t be disappointed, and your taste buds will thank you for it! Our Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse is a dessert that’s easy to make and impossible to resist. So don’t wait any longer – give it a try today and experience the sweet, creamy goodness for yourself. 

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Servings: 2


  1. 2 cups Strawberries
  2. ½ cup DFDU Cream Cheese Style
  3. 2 tbsp Rice Malt Syrup
  4. 1 tbsp Shredded Coconut
  5. 1 tbsp Coconut Flakes



  1. Blitz 1½ cups of strawberries, cream cheese and rice malt in a blender until the consistency thickens (add a touch more cream to thicken or a teaspoon of water to smooth if needed).
  2. Dice the remaining strawberries and place them at the bottom of two glasses.
  3. Pour blitzed strawberry cream cheese on top of diced strawberries.
  4. Place in refrigerator and allow to thicken (approximately 30 minutes).
  5. Sprinkle with coconut and serve.
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